Citizen journalists are never silent about injustice!

With the project of CIVIL – Center for Freedom for citizen journalism, anyone can fell free and sure that they can report and contribute to the improvement of society, said Nebie Zaimovska, at the awarding of the fourth prize for citizen journalists.

“I know the journalistic life very well, since I was part of the journalistic profession for 10 years. I would like to say to all the young people to believe in themselves, to seek for a place and a way to express their views and to never keep silent about injustice. Even though the challenge and struggle are great, there still are places, such as CIVIL, where they can freely and independently express themselves”, said Zaimovska.

She urged everyone to be more active citizen journalists.

“This is how I began to work with NGOs, after which becoming a professional journalist, but unfortunately I had to leave this profession because of pressures. I promised to tell my entire story to CIVIL, because I want it to remain as an example for the younger generations. We were forced to report on things we didn’t see or notice on the ground”, added Zaimovska.

The award went into the hands of a group of citizen journalists from six municipalities (Veles, Prilep, Stip, Kicevo, Skopje and Pehcevo), who during the two-day seminar on citizen journalism in Veles carried out a survey on the streets of Veles and questioned citizens whether they are satisfied with the local government. Marija Pupulieva, Angela Nikoloska, Simona M. Zivkova, Semi Gjulagoska, Nebie Zaimovska and Emrah Grutkov are the citizen journalists that won the fourth prize for the survey “They don’t think about the people, but about the profit!”.

Text and camera: Dehran Muratov
Photography: Biljana Jordanovska
Editing: Arian Mehmeti

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