Deralla: Differences between people are like shores on new continents whose beauties we need to discover

“Through personal examples and life experiences, I have learned that there are no boundaries and differences between people, just opportunities for enrichment. Every one of us, deep down, carries a big and warm human smile and joy of existence. Warmth and humaneness are same in everyone. We just need to discover it”, highlighted Xhabir Deralla in CIVIL’s initiative “Make a difference, respect diversity”.


For me, walls are doors to the known. If ignorance is a wall, then knowledge is a doorway towards beauty. The beauty of existence, the beauty of being human.

The differences between people are like shores on continents whose beauties we still haven’t discovered. Therefore, we need to set sail and discover those new continents. Every person is a new, beautiful continent that we can get to know, in which we can live, inhabit and for it to inhabit us.


With every step we make towards each other, we build a new world, happier and more beautiful for everyone.

By respecting diversity in people and communities, every day we make this world better and more beautiful for the future generations.

Every day we have a chance to do something good. Every day we have a chance to change something in the world.

Make a difference. Respect diversity.

Camera: Atanas Petrovski
Editing: Arian Mehmeti
Photography: Goran Naumovski

Translation: N. Cvetkovska

This post is also available in: Macedonian