Election Day: All video reports from CIVIL’s monitoring in one place

Today, CIVIL had five video reports from the election monitoring live at 10.00 am, 12.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 6.00 pm and 7.01pm, where Zoran Ivanov was a guest. The video reports contain information from the ground that were sent by CIVIL’s monitoring teams and short-term observers.


Information from the reports of the observers are still being entered in CIVIL’s analytical center. They will be processed also during the night, while votes are being counted in the SEC, and most political parties at the same time celebrate victory.

We are publishing the video reports in reverse order, from the latest one at 7.01 pm to the first one at 10.00 am, October 17.

First assessments: Zoran Ivanov and Xhabir Deralla in 1 minute after the closing of the polling stations.

Monitoring 04 at 6.00 pm: Election observers tirelessly send reports from throughout the country

Monitoring 03 at 3.00 pm: Fingerprint devices mark the day, violation to the right to vote

Monitoring 02 at 12:30 pm: Obstructing CIVIL’s observers


Monitoring 01 at 10 .00 am: Problems with fingerprint devices, gross violation to the election silence



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