Sarac: May the citizen live, so that the country can live!

Erdogan Sarac from DNET, welcomed the opportunity for the Turkish community to be given the chance to speak at the fourth public discussion on the topic “Pluralism and Political Crisis” organized by CIVIL – Center for Freedom. According to him, Macedonia is in a crisis because the government has no statesmanship capacity.

“I am glad that others, and not just Macedonians and Albanians, also have the opportunity to speak here. We have come to this situation because of the lack of statesmanship capacity of the people in power”. Furthermore, Sarac recapped on the importance of the citizens and their rights within a country, by saying, “May the citizen live, so that the country can live”, said Sarac.

Like most of the political party representatives, DNET agrees with the fact that the abolition needs to be withdrawn and the date for the elections postponed, and that the reforms anticipated with Przino need to be implemented.