Hate speech against deceased Ratka Dimitrova, Minister Dimitrov and his family

Hate speech against the deceased MP from the first structure of the Macedonian Parliament, from among the lines of VMRO-DPMNE, Ratka Dimitrova, mother of politician and outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov.

The Facebook page “I Boycott” posted that Ratka Dimitrova had died, mother of Nikola Dimitrov, and below the post there are several comments with hate speech.

“May she make way also for her ‘second son’”, comments Mac Spasovski.

Suzana Macedonian Ristova comments: “May the Macedonian ground rest heavy on you… and don’t talk to me about faith, about these disgusting traitorous bulgarianish, never forgiveness, not even then”!

Bozhidar Macedonian Bojkoski writes: “May the whole family see no good! May they all to the last one drop dead f……g traitors”.

CIVIL- Center for Freedom condemns the hate speech, and calls on the competent institutions to react immediately and to sanction those spreading hate speech.


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