CIVIL and citizen journalists in the fight against apathy

CIVIL – Center for Freedom and citizen journalists from around the country are fighting against apathy, and is continuing with its series of events dedicated to citizen journalism. This time, CIVIL is inviting all interested to apply for participation in the training of citizen journalists, which will be held on Saturday, June 11, at Hotel City Park, starting at 10.30 am. At the end of the program, at 6.00 pm, there will be an awards ceremony for citizen journalists, open to the public. In a modern setting, with an educational, but also with an exceptionally entertaining 8 hour program, CIVIL is offering a free opportunity for applicants to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on citizen journalism, video activism and many more interesting areas.


Fight against apathy! The deadline expires on June 9. Click HERE for the FB event

Those who will apply for the training, will also have the opportunity to participate with their materials in the competition for best contributions of citizen journalists.

The training is being organized in order for citizens to report on violations of human rights, electoral manipulations, abuse of power and public resources, politicization of the state, discrimination, violence, and also for the fight of freedom-loving citizens for freedom, justice and democracy. Many, who are direct participants in the events in our country, can give significant contribution by documenting the events and providing information on those events instantaneously, through the social networks, independent media or through CIVIL’s Civic Lenses Project. In doing so, citizen journalists contribute to countering the media darkness in which our country has been in for years.

All interested citizens who would like to check their talent for journalism and give their contribution, may apply until June 9, at [email protected], simply, by sending a motivation letter with no more than 420 characters (as three tweets), with their name and surname, telephone number and link to the Facebook profile of the applicant. The number of participants is limited.

The presentation of CIVIL’s awards for citizen journalists within the fourth competition cycle will start at 6.00 pm. One of the awards will be reserved for a video, photo or audio material from the training participants, from their two-hour field activities. The materials from the training that day, if they meet the criteria, will enter the competition for awards of the following competition cycle.

All citizens have the opportunity of participating in the Civic Lenses Project, within in which CIVIL is awarding prizes for best video and photo materials, or news.  The prizes consist of five vouchers, whereby the first prize is equivalent to 110 USD.

The recordings, photos and texts do not have to be highly professional, as the information is the determining criteria.

The materials may be in relation to different types of abuses of power, threats, discrimination, bribery, abuse of public resources and other irregularities. The materials you send have to be accompanied with contact information on the author, description of the time, place and development of the event and the participants in the event. The authors and persons involved in the materials may remain anonymous, depending on the agreement with them.

Click HERE to access the APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION. The materials can also be sent to [email protected], and if the material is too large, you should use the online services for transferring, such as WeTransfer.

The Civic Lenses Project is supported  National Endowment for Democracy.