A hole on the road, a crate of bottles as a traffic sign!

On the street “Borko Talev” in Stip, a huge hole has been created in the middle of the road after the rainy weather. There is a beer bottle crate placed in front of the hole, which serves as a warning to drivers.

Citizen journalist Goranco Angelov says that the road was asphalted last year in July, by former Mayor Ilco Zahariev, as he says “in the function of populism, and not in the interest of the citizens”.

“It’s not important just to build things (while justifying the poor quality of work of the previous mayor), certain standards need to be respected, so that the future generations can use what has been built. Things that will last one or two years should not be made, while spending money from citizens’ pockets”, says Angelov.

He assumes that the new asphalt will not withstand this winter.

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