The coordinator of the advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE, Ljube Zdravkov, at the CIVIL panel "Census: statistics yes, politics no" expressed doubts about the manner of the census.

"We have not had a census for 20 years, we had an attempt 10 years ago and we all know how that census ended, not to go into the reasons. What hinders us as people and officials and the opposition in the country and makes us suspicious is the way of carrying out this whole procedure. Maybe you, as a civic initiative, are a little late with such an event. The misuse of the European flag and the adoption of a summary law is the first thing that raises suspicion. There is no publicity among the citizens and in the assembly. It is brought in a shortened procedure as if it burns under our feet. Such an operation requires consensus, for all of us to be satisfied. 10,000 signatures and they prove that as good as the intention for the census is, so is the suspicion. Although we offered some amendments to the text of the law, no amendment of the opposition was accepted, again doubt. With this time at a new peak to organize such a massive operation also raises huge suspicion, raises fears that and maybe there will be again unwanted health situations. No proposal for an online census was passed, but nothing was accepted. As seen from that aspect now, the reaction of the government also shows suspicion that something is wrong. The census is needed, no one from the opposition has been called, neither at the municipal nor local level has been called for a boycott. The call from the SDSM bodies to register as enumerators, good people, do we want to build trust or not? I do not know in the future how we will gain a minimum of trust, yes, we are neighbors and friends, but on the political scene we do not trust each other. A decisive position no one takes the position that they should boycott. If someone wants to abuse him, let him serve his honor and that will be shown in the future, said Zdravkov.

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