At the “Goce Delcev” boulevard in Stip, last Friday a high school student was hit by a car, who unfortunately is still in critical condition.

As citizen journalist Simona Zivkova reports, this is not the first traffic accident that has happened in that place.

Nearby is the high school “Kole Nehtenin” and students constantly cross the street during recess to buy food.

At yesterday’s protest, parents and children demanded appropriate traffic protection and safety. They asked for appropriate traffic signs to be put up, reinforced controls, speed bumps, whereas most of the parents think that a bridge should be built over the street in order for the children to be able to safely cross the street.

“Many parents did not go to the protest fearing there might be a political background to it. The majority of those at the protest were children, whose friend is in a critical condition. I think we should encourage such activism in a time when an important message really needs to be sent out”, says citizen journalist Zivkova. She also sent us a photo and video recording of the protest.

B. Jordanovska


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