The fire of the “multi-missile system” from the other side of the facts


CIVIL’s media platform for several days now is being showered with “sincere greetings and congratulations” on the job well done by the organization’s teams. Therefore, readers sometimes need to wait 3-5 seconds to access our media content.


Thanks to the round-the-clock work of our cyber guardian angles, so far we have managed to successfully resist the fire coming from the “multi-missile system” of our “fans” on the other side of the facts. We were sent particularly fierce expressions of “love” last weekend, but also while I’m writing this flash message to the public, they’re not leaving us alone.

Despite the “mild inconvenience” caused by the “cordon” of spearman surrounding our and your FREE ZONE, work goes on smoothly. With every such “encouragement”, our teams become more determined than ever before.

Most people probably know that “testing” the cyber “health” of online platforms costs money. And not insignificantly. When will they learn that facts and free thought are a symbol of the health and vitality of a society and that they have no price? There’s nothing more enduring and stronger than the need for free thought, speech and expression. It is greater than the ‘concern” of the greatest and of the most powerful.




Translation: N. Cvetkovska