A glance into CIVIL’S internal statistics

The project Citizen Journalist has become one of the most viral and successful projects in the country, with a lot of support from the community we have garnered huge amounts of materials and information about the society.

Personally I had my doubts about the receptivity of the video and photo material in the mass general public’s eye but I have been amazed by the response, it has been overwhelming and humbling to see such blurry photos and videos being virally shared and commented even some appearing in the evening news cycles by the TV  stations in the country that report nationwide.

When we started off I was a bit condescending I must admit - having advanced technical experience and a degree in the field of information technology - I was convinced that the views will be small due to the quality and the lack of professional interference. But, these videos and photos were interesting, properly documented,
up-to-date, and most importantly - they were made by everyday citizens, and it worked! All that made me re-evaluate my work ethics, learning a lot along the road with this project, and it has been an awesome experience.

Here, I would like to share some statistics about the different social media and web traffic that have occurred during the project implementation period of the project (October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017), and detail some of the more interesting ones.

For example, only from our YouTube channel in the indicated period, we have 835,000 minutes watched which is almost two years (1 year and 215 days) of watch-time. Also on YouTube, we have almost half a million views in the same period as well as a growth of 7.26% in this sector, 25% more growth in the subscriber rate, 48% in likes growth rate and with over 91% of our videos being used in playlists.

Our statistics from Facebook show that our post reach in the same time period, has been 8,140,931. Astonishing! This figure, 8 million+ reach is 4+ times the population of our country.

Only the video views from only one of our Facebook pages (CIVIL.MK) have been watched 1,157,681 times. These numbers are amazing, I have nothing to add.

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