Samka Ibraimovski: If it wasn’t for the bombs, we would have been a monarchy

“If it wasn’t for the bombs, we would have been a monarchy. People were leaving the country, voters of the party experts in election fraud were left. It’s no coincidence that building was built, for the monarch to climb upstairs and to waive to the people”, said MP from PCER, Samka Ibraimovski, at today’s conference.

“I will go on the ground, will play the match, who wins will go further. I want to face my people; to see what they think of me. Not because I am a Roma, but to see what those in Skopje and what those in Debar think of me”, says MP Samka Ibraimovski, one of the signatories of the Initiative for one constituency.

He thinks that the Voters Register does not have more than 1.300.000 voters, and insists that all parties need to participate in the process of amending the Electoral Code.

“That’s why I insist on one constituency. I believe that we will win more seats in parliament, and certainly I will know my political power and how the citizens expect us to act”, said Ibraimovski.

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