Bogojeski: The big parties are afraid of competition in a model with one constituency

“There is double fear of competition in the big parties with a one constituency model: first in regards to the lists, secondly in regards to the leaders. But that is a wonderful opportunity for the parties to make internal filtration and to leave it up to the citizens to choose the leader”, considers Petar Bogojeski, who, as he said, with his participation at the Conference is trying to promote “a normal opposition that will be discussing normal topics, and not just about the SPO”.

An opposition that can recognize the chance through initiatives of the NGO sector to start debating on important issues, he says.

“What is important for the big parties is that they showed extreme lack of a democratic concept, especially the party leaderships. Since we have a lack of that capacity, and a surplus of interests, in their interest in the direction of promoting one constituency is as follows: they are the biggest losers in 6 constituencies because thousands of votes are lost and are not valorised in mandates. This is also a chance for the smaller parties to concentrate their votes”, says Bogojeski. He emphasized that Europe goes a step further: it wants to make the European Union a single constituency.

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