Rexhepi: Besa is for open lists, but for three constituencies

Besa thinks that the electoral model with a single constituency and with open candidate lists gives parties and candidates legitimacy and connects them with their electorate, that is, citizens, said Kastriot Rexhepi.

However, Besa considers that there should be three constituencies, for adequate geographic representation of citizens.

Rexhepi, along with several of his predecessors, says it would be good for representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the biggest parties to participate in such debates, who decide on the electoral model.

“It is very important to create an efficient mechanism for cleaning up the Voters Register, but to also enable voters who do not figure now on the Voters Register the democratic right to vote. The financing of the election campaigns came out incompletely defined. In the future, details need to be fully defined, and not to be according to the will of half of the parties. There always needs to be improvement of this process”, says Rexhepi.

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