Before raging, nationalists and hooligans should read the Krusevo Manifesto

In the previous period, CIVIL has noted numerous cases of hate speech and calls for violence on ethnic and religious grounds, political views and sexual orientation. Hate speech and calls for violence are noted on social media the most, but are often present on internet portals as well.

One of the latest calls for violence, with the use of explicit hate speech, is also noted on the occasion of the celebration of Ilinden on Meckin Kamen, on 2 August. One of them is the Facebook event: “Let’s warmly welcome the northish pigs at Meckin Kamen “.

“This is not the only call for violence against the institutions and national symbols from structures present in both the Macedonian and Albanian ethnic community. Luckily, their numbers are small, but their destruction has inconceivable proportions. The institutions must always respond timely and decisively. It is clear that behind the “brave” individuals, bigger and more serious political and financial sponsors are hidden. They must face the full force of the law. To those who organize such Nazi events, I would like to say: The Ilinden uprising belongs to all the citizens of North Macedonia. To begin with, they need to read the Krusevo Manifesto, stated Xhabir Deralla, President of CIVIL.

CIVIL condemns all calls for violence and hate speech and demands from the relevant institutions to respond timely and according to their legal competencies, to take urgent measures for sanctioning all calls for violence.

Furthermore, CIVIL calls on the citizens to continue reporting cases of violation of human rights, hate speech and false news on the online forms on the Civic Lenses website.

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