Lot in front of orthopedic clinic expands over night

An anonymous citizen journalist sent a photo that shows that the lot in front of the Orthopaedic Clinic “Majcin Dom” in Aerodrom has expanded.

“Good morning to everyone, while you are sipping your morning coffee, I just want to inform you that the lot in front of Majcin Dom has somehow expanded overnight and has already managed to enter the church land. Namely, for those who have moved here more recently, one of the first cafes used to be here before there was a church. Now you can continue sipping your coffee, and if you get angry and want to go out and express your revolt, write to me, I will come too. And a STOP for politicians”, he adds.

                       Construction site next to Majcin Dom, 22.11.2018

Another citizen ironically says – Not today! When the municipality is celebrating one year of openness and fulfilling of citizens’ wishes…Don’t be scolding mayors…For they have done so much for us in Aerodrom, so that it’s nice for us and they are working so much…And you are defocusing…With non-sense about the park next to Majcin Dom…And the municipality will even plant 10 little trees in a yard!”.

Whether it’s about increasing the size of the building that is being built there, or it’s about creating an easier access for the work there, we are waiting for an answer from Mayor Zlatko Marin and the investor.

D. М.

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