Gerberich: Joint cooperation is needed for a European future

Н.Е. Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Thomas Gerberich, in his introductory speech at the Conference on Elections Reforms: Macedonian Elections Perspectives, stated that it is high time for our society to unite and for all ethnicities to cooperate closely with the purpose of overcoming divisions.

Today / tomorrow (tbc) the German Parliament, the Bundestag, will decide about the vote for the start of EU-accession talks for North Macedonia and Albania at the EU Council in October. I’m certainly optimistic that the decision will become positive. And then we are all waiting for the decision of the EU Council and I remain more than optimistic that also there will be a clear decision to open EU accession talks with North Macedonia. Despite all the difficulties and shortcomings still existing North Macedonia now has created a success story at the Western Balkans especially with regard to bring the region closer together. North Macedonia has currently no problems with its neighbours; North Macedonia has made a great difference of historical dimension with the Prespa-Agreement. That should be an example for the whole region”, stated Ambassador Thomas Gerberich.

He added that apart from the foreign policy success, it is now important to further deepen the reform process and to implement reform laws previously adopted by parliament, including also with the opposition’s votes.

“These efforts need to be stepped up to deliver tangible results for every citizen. And these efforts must include also the reform of the election process. For that aim the society – and this applies all parts of your society including all ethnicities – must come together and work together closely to overcome the still existing and sometime increasing division of the society. At this point I would like to pay tribute to the role of President Pendarovski, whose motto is always that he is a president for all. The particular themes that you’ll be discussing in your conference today are also central parts of the EU integration process in the forms of multifaceted support from those institutions as well as expectations for progress toward accession”, stated Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Thomas Gerberich.

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