“While the city authorities are bragging that the reconstruction of the sidewalks and of the taxi stations on Bit-Pazar are in the final phase, ‘new parking lots’ have started emerging”, says an anonymous journalist who through a video illustrated the actual situation on Bit-Pazar.

“The teams of the Public Enterprise ‘Streets and Roads’, upon the order of the City of Skopje, are working intensively these days on arranging this area and soon posts and planters will be placed, trees will be planted and the passages from the boulevard to the old town will be reconstructed and lit up.

By arranging this area, the longtime problem with the chaos in this area around Bit-Pazar will be solved enabling normal traffic flow for all participants – pedestrians, cyclists and drivers”, informs the City of Skopje.

“Cars never used to park in the space around the store ’26 July’ on Bit-Pazar, but after the City of Skopje decided to remove the illegal stands in order to place trees and benches, this pedestrian zone has all of a sudden turned into a parking lot”, adds the citizen journalist.

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