Loud for changes!

When the institutions are keeping silent and the media are under pressure, the power and responsibility to alert about the injustice and non-functioning of the system remain in the hands of the responsible citizens.

This is precisely the goal of the Civic Lenses project that CIVIL has been successfully implementing for three years. Citizens journalist are bringing to light even the darkest stories of the everyday life to which the state turns a deaf ear. The story about young musician Viktor Tosevski, the dark scandal in the institutions responsible for care of children and homeless people “May 25” and “Ranka Milanovic”, the problems in the health careeducation, the hate speechabuse of children for political purposes and many other topics are actually stories of citizen journalists who succeeded in putting pressure on the authorities and the institutions for urgent reactions and dealing with the everyday problems of the citizens.

The power of changes is in your hands! Therefore, become part of the community of citizen journalists. Send your photo and video story to CIVIL’s Facebook page, to the Facebook page of citizen journalists or to [email protected].

The seminars and workshops for citizen journalists that CIVIL is organizing throughout the country are ongoing, so if until now you haven’t been part of our seminars and trainings for citizen journalists, this is an excellent opportunity to register for participation in these events.

Be the change you want to see, be a citizen journalist!

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