CIVIL: Stop hate speech and fake news!

CIVIL, as an organization for human rights and freedoms, is reacting sharply to the increased intensity of fake news and hate speech being published in the media and on the social networks.

We have more than enough reasons to claim that the intensified publication of fake news and hate speech is a consequence of the destructive actions of certain political structures in the country. We demand from the political parties to end this style of public communication and to change the manner of conducting political campaigning.

During the continuous monitoring of the political processes and events in the Republic of North Macedonia, CIVIL notes that some political entities and media under their control are not showing minimum political culture, nor are they showing intention to lead a fair and argumentative political competition. On the contrary, a tendency is noticed of using every opportunity, including also during weekends and holidays, to pour out rivers of hatred and lies in public communication, with the purpose of achieving political advantage in an electoral or other context. This is utterly unacceptable and deserves condemnation!

In addition, CIVIL demands from the relevant institutions to be more energetic and more active in the monitoring and legal sanctioning of black propaganda, fake news and hate speech. CIVIL also demands from the institutions to protect the authors of analyses, columns, information articles and research in the media and non-governmental organizations. They also have the right to protection!

Furthermore, CIVIL calls on the public, and all citizens to carefully and critically monitor the media and newsletters of political parties. All manipulative contents and the source of such contents should be decisively and openly rejected, and not multiplied. Comments to such contents are needless, while particularly hate speech in response to such contents only deepens the tension and lowers the level.

At the same time, the organization once again reminds that citizens have the opportunity to be involved in the fight against deviant incidences in public communication. On the Civic Lenses website, there is a separate REPORT section, where fake news and hate speech can be reported. In the same section, there are also forms for reporting corruption and any other type of violation of human rights and freedoms. Often there are more elements, and so those wanting to get involved in the monitoring are not sure in which category they need to report the case.

“What is important is to report, to participate, while there is someone who takes care of the classification and analyses” – explains CIVIL.

Civic participation in the fight against incidents and practices that are a threat to democracy and the rule of law are crucial!

CIVIL communication Team

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