Civil online event: Circular economy – potentials and challenges for the future generations

CIVIL is organizing an online event on “Circular Economy: Potentials and Challenges for the Future Generations” on May 26, 2022, starting at 12 AM CET. The leader of DOM, Maja Moracanin, representative of the expert community, Dr. Ivana Lozanovska and the President of Civil, Xhabir Deralla will speak at the event.

What is a circular economy, how applicable it is to national and local economies, especially when it comes to problems with poor countries, how much it is possible in the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine and other economic, military, political and other conditions; those are the questions within the proposed theme for the event. The event is part of the Western Balkans Circular Economy Week, held 23-27 May, throughout the Western Balkans region.

Western Balkans Circular Economy Week is the first regional initiative to bring together different actors throughout the Western Balkans. The focus of this initiative is on Circular Economy and Sustainable Development and is organised by Logex Community members from across the region, as an initiative of Balkan Forum from Kosovo.

LogEx Community has been established in December 2021. It is partnership between universities and academics, civil society organizations and business actors from the Western Balkan region, and the region’s diaspora. As a diverse community, LogEx works to address the gap between higher education and the employment marketplace in the WB region. LogEx facilitates shared learning and collaboration and work to build human capital, strengthen a circular economy, reduce unemployment and out-migration.

LINK: Facebook event

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