CIVIL continues with the series of seminars, this time in the South-Eastern region. The one-day seminar “Civic Lenses: Transparency and responsibility in the political processes” will be held on February 8 in Strumica, at Hotel Esperanto. Citizens from the municipalities of Strumica, Vasilevo, Bosilevo, Novo Selo, Konce, Valandovo, Dojran, Bogdanci and Gevgelia will have the right to participate in the seminar in Strumica.

Application form for participation in regional seminar “Civic Lenses” in Strumica

CIVIL’s seminars that are part of the project “Civic Lenses”, are an opportunity for citizens to get familiar with the basics of human rights, basics of journalistic reporting, citizen activism, as well as with the skills of monitoring and citizen participation.

After CIVIL introduced citizen journalism in monitoring human rights and elections, the public become alert, as well as the perpetrators. Violation of human rights and freedoms is no longer invisible – the public can easily and immediately find out about this, through reports of citizen journalists.

Participants in the seminars have the opportunity to actively be involved in social changes at the local and national level, and to participate in the democratic transformations of society.

According to CIVIL, the seminars that are part of this project are an excellent opportunity for establishing cooperation with the organization, and ahead of the election processes, they are the most important stage of becoming part of the organization’s monitoring teams.

CIVIL, like all previous election processes from 2008 and onwards, will be monitoring the implementation of the early parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12. All those who are interested, who would like to become part of CIVIL’s monitoring team, need to fill out an application form.

This one-day regional seminar is a continuation of the seminars that CIVIL has been organizing in the past four years, and which were implemented as part of the project “Civic Lenses: Promoting transparent and responsible political processes” financed by National Endowment for Democracy, which CIVIL is implementing for the fifth year in a row. Over 1.100 citizens from across the country have participated in these seminars until now.

In the meanwhile, CIVIL encourages all citizens that would like to be active factors in society, to read and learn more about the importance of citizen journalism in CIVIL’s latest publications, which are the result of the engagement and success of citizen journalists: Change is in your hands, published in 2019, as well as the publication Civic Lenses: More than a project from 2018.

CIVIL Communication Team


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