CIVIL is starting 2020 with two seminars on transparent and responsible political processes intended for the Polog and South-Eastern planning region.

The seminar in Gostivar will be held on January 25, at Hotel Bunar (in the center of Gostivar), with citizens from the municipalities of the Polog planning region having the right to participate as follows: Gostivar, Tetovo, Vrapciste, Brvenica, Zelino, Bogovinje, Tearce, Jegunovce, Kicevo, Mavrovo and Rostuse.

Application form for participation in regional seminar “Civic Lenses” in Gostivar

The seminar is part of the “Civic Lenses” project, and provides an excellent opportunity for active participation and contribution to promoting human rights and freedoms, learning about the skills in monitoring and journalistic reporting, as well as an opportunity for establishing long-term cooperation with CIVIL. This is especially important ahead of the early parliamentary elections scheduled for April 12, which CIVIL will be monitoring.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to be part of CIVIL’s team and to give your contribution to transparent and responsible political processes, especially through monitoring of the elections.

If you would like to become a candidate for the monitoring team, all you need to do is fill out the application form for participating in one of the seminars that CIVIL will be organizing in the next period.

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