SCAN – Emotional story of Lidija Lazova, victim of the regime

Lidija Lazova is one of the 86 arrested in the Kaldrma case for counterfeiting fiscal receipts for tolls. Kaldrma was one of MOI’s actions that was covered bombastically by the media, more for the goals of the regime then. Though it’s not the case itself and the punishment that remain noticed, rather the conditions in the prisons where they served their sentences. Lidija’s story, undoubtedly a victim of the regime, is a touching story about the insensitivity and blind faithfulness in a system that creates monsters without the least bit of humaneness and humanity.

In this edition of SCAN, we convey her emotional story, about her, her colleagues and all those who in some way ended up behind bars during the time of gruevism.

CIVIL organized the panel discussion titled “Victims of the regime – testimonies and pictures”, so as not to forget the atrocities of a regime that abused the state, especially the police, judiciary and the media for an entire decade. It sanctioned every attempt to express a different opinion with arrests, torture, arranged court trials and lynching in the media and on the social networks.


Biljana Jordanovska

Camera: Atanas Petrovski
in cooperation with Vladimir Percuklievski

Translation: Natasa Cvetkovska 


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