Muarem-Cirko: The rights of the Roma should be respected every day

Ramush Muarem-Cirko, a journalist, at the CIVIL debate “At the ‘ball'” for the human rights of the Roma, pointed out the need to celebrate the Roma identity.

“Roma are born with inferiority. They have to learn two languages ​​from the very beginning. So far, the sets have not been brought to this level. I notice an interesting point, if that bloc for the defense of Roma rights is to be active, they are slowly simply merging into non-Roma political parties. They join non-Roma parties, first for personal gain and then to see how the interests of the Roma community can be defended. We all know why they position themselves and accept such positions. We do not have a Roma representative for the economic sector.

The rights of the Roma should be respected every day, as well as that of every minority. There are very few examples where a minority day is celebrated. On April 8, a decision was made to use the word Roma, to use the Roma flag, language and anthem. This defines the Roma identity. In my opinion, it is better for April 8 to be the day of Roma identity,” said Muarem-Cirko.