Maksuti: The citizen, unfortunately, is just a rhetoric, and not the purpose of social changes

“Unfortunately, we are witnesses to the persistence of some old practices, and in some captured institutions reforms are difficult to implement. The state, government, the executive branch have to understand that they are here for the citizens and no other way. For me, the most important chain link is the rule of law. I am an architect, but think that it is further reflected on all possible spheres in society”, stated Merita Maksuti, architect and civic activist at the panel discussion “Citizens for the country or the country for the citizens?!”, organized by CIVIL.

“I think that the state shouldn’t advocate for reforms at all levels provisionally, but substantially. In a society that strives to be one society for all. I think that you cannot give a measured amount of justice and access to information, on the one hand, as this is appropriate for political markets. I say this with the greatest legitimacy, and also as a member of the the Albanian nation I would like to say that in the Albanian bloc currently there is no critical mass and critical thinking. If it is present, then it is unnoticed and self-censored. Unfortunately, people are becoming distant, they exclude themselves and feel different. The reality is that society is partialized”, said Maksuti, giving her own view on transparency and its reflection as she perceives it.

Maksuti considers that the long-standing distrust in the institutions, the selective justice, nepotism, unreformed education, political clientelism have contributed to the young people massively leaving the country.

“As an environmental activist, higher urban culture and human rights, I am more and more often encountering people who are literally leaving the country not because of economic reasons. Honestly, personally, I feel like I am listening to the song of U2 “Stuck in the moment”, a moment that goes on and on… I cannot but not mention that the same trend continues where the citizen is just a rhetoric, and not also the goal for the social change”, says Maksuti.

Maksuti sees the nonexistence of a functional democracy, which closes primarily the local authorities that are never ready for constructive criticism, as the main problem.

Biljana Jordanovska (text, editing and photo)
Camera: Atanas Petrovski


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