CIVIL’s inspirational and dynamic seminar on citizen journalism in Stip

CIVIL has launched a new series of regional seminars. The first seminar “Civic Lenses: Citizens participate, observe and report” was held in Stip, with participation of over 20 participants from the Eastern region.

Through the comprehensive experience of CIVIL’s team and the inspirational and dynamic lectures of journalists Arben Zekjiri and Zoran Ivanov, future citizen journalists had the opportunity to, interactively, through dialogue and practical exercises, learn about the basics of journalism, but mostly about citizen participation, citizen activism, human rights and freedoms and citizen journalism, above all, as a way for directly influencing social changes.

Dedicated to strengthening citizen participation, activism and citizen journalism, CIVIL inspired the participants to take advantage of the new technological benefits, available to everyone, as a tool for fast and easy transfer of information on key issues in their place of residence and taking specific steps for solving them.

This one-day regional seminar is a kind of continuation to the seminars that CIVIL has organized in the past four years, and is implemented as part of the project “Civic Lenses: Promoting transparent and responsible political processes” financed by National Endowment for Democracy, which CIVIL is implementing for the fifth year in a row.

CIVIL Communication Team


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