CIVIL calls on citizens to record and photograph irregularities!

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is continuing with the series of initiatives titled “I Demand an answer!”, where citizen journalists without fear ask and demand answers from the competent bodies in regards to certain situations, and in this way contribute to some positive changes in society.

The idea is, through a video or selfie video, for citizens to ask politicians or public figures, mayors, institutions (health care, education, police, labor and social welfare…) questions, literally all competent institutions that they consider should respond in regards to a certain question of their concern. CIVIL will publish the recording on its online channels, and the question will be addressed to the according institution or public figure to which the question refers to.

If citizen journalists wish to remain anonymous, there is the option for them to record an object, the sign with the name of the institution or some other situation, while the question is being asked.

You may send the photos, videos and questions to CIVIL’s Facebook Pagethe citizen journalists Facebook Page (private message) or to [email protected].

Texts that do not show the face of the author will certainly be considered anonymous, and CIVIL will not reveal their identity. In any case, CIVIL has to know the identity and the contact of the person asking the question, which it will certainly not reveal.

Join us!

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