All reports of violation of human rights, corruption, hate speech and false news in one place

CIVIL has put in one place reports of violation of human rights and freedoms in the broadest sense of the word, hate speech, false news and cases of corruption. Clearly and simply, all citizens who would like to participate in the citizen monitoring of the situation in their communities and in general, in the entire country, can do this with just several clicks.

All one needs to do is to open the Civic Lenses website that is dedicated to activism, citizen journalism, human rights, transparency and responsibility, and to select the required form in the section REPORT. In order to facilitate the communication, in case those who are reporting are hesitating which form to choose, they just need to open HUMAN RIGHTS and enter the data in the category “Other”.  The reason for this is simple, all forms of violation and abuse are part of the topics in the corpus of human rights and freedoms.

The reports are precious for CIVIL, for the public and for the institutions that are committed to protection of human rights and legality. All information will be reviewed carefully and will be subjected to verifications. They will be part of the reports of the Organization and of the communication with the public and with the institutions. CIVIL’s media platform, which includes the websites Civic Lenses, CIVIL Media, Green CIVIL and others, publishes information and stories every day on violation of human rights, corruption, discrimination, hate speech, false news and many other cases that are contrary to the interests and needs of the citizens.

All reports are ANONYMOUS, whereas the data received from the forms will be treated in such a way that if they are published or further processed in the institutions, they will be processed in a manner that will maximally protect the sources of the information. CIVIL has great experience in this and never brings its sources in any kind of an unpleasant situation or danger.

CIVIL invites all its supporters and members, citizen journalist, activists and all interested citizens to use this opportunity and to help in revealing corruptive and unlawful acts, abuses and violation of human rights. At the same time, it expects proposals and guidelines for improving the format of the forms, the formulation of the questions and areas, and everything else they think can help in these joint efforts and determinations. Furthermore, the Organization publically expresses gratitude for the enormous trust and support coming from all over the country.

The Civic Lenses website and project are supported by National Endowment for Democracy.



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