What’s the use of a ban that is not being respected?

Even though all the reactions on Saturday came down to being in terms of one jeep with diplomatic license plates, still, no one paid attention to the numerous parked automobiles on the parking lot at mid- Vodno, nor to those passing by on Sunday.

One policeman (inside a car) is not enough to stop someone passing by quickly with a motorcycle.

The same one cannot teleport himself to mid-Vodno and tell those who had arrived before 9:00 am not to get out.

A ban between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm means there is no driving during this period, and not that those who go early will be privileged and will be able to come back down whenever they want to. The summer period will come when people will be going to Vodno earlier because of the heat. What’s the use of the ban if 500 people head to Vodno with their cars before 9:00 am and return when they want to?

Damjan Temkov

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