The director of the Youth Center, Goran Trajkov at the CIVIL panel "Census: Statistics not politics":

We are political beings. We practice politics every day, we make political decisions every day. Whether it is right or not, everyone makes their own decisions. If we think we need a census, the census is not a consensus, the census is a census. We are in a position to list or delete. It is forgotten that young people want something else and want something different. Slightly different from this drama, young people speak very sharply, it is very difficult to motivate them to speak, but when they are motivated they speak very openly. They want a society in which they will be free and they want peace, they are tired of political games. We must listen to the wishes of young people. On what foundation is it set up in this society? Non-professional people in professional positions is equally doomed. How many kindergartens do we need in our city, how many schools in our city and country? How will we create those policies if we do not know how much and what kind of content to make for young people and adults?

We have no time to wait. Let's not be grandmothers wangi and not tailor Petko. We should let the census be conducted by experts, and if there is any doubt, after the census is completed with arguments and evidence to be examined.

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