The new “bombs” are two days old

The public reactions following the publication of the new “bombs” on the Russian social network VKontake just do not stop. Some of the media today reported information that two bombs have been published that refer to the committees of VMRO-DPMNE, as well as to a conversation between Emil Stojanov and Jovo Vangelov, current President of the Supreme Court.

These recordings, as well as the previous four that spread in the public yesterday have, actually, been published two days ago on the YouTube channel with the same pseudonym Ilija Gromovnik, but saw the light of day yesterday when through VKontakte they were mostly shared through profiles that propagate a boycott of the upcoming elections.

This way of publishing part of the wiretapped conversations through anonymous channels is not happening for the first time. The same thing happened also in September 2016, two months prior to the parliamentary elections. Back then, just like now, with the publication of wiretapped conversations, this time just two days before the presidential elections are held, many questions are raised. Who owns the wiretapped materials aside from the investigating authorities, how many more of them are there that have not been revealed and most important, why are they used for a bargaining warning before elections?

At the same time, it is very symptomatic that all of this is taking place also when there are ongoing negotiations regarding the fate of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, whose establishment is based precisely on the existence of these recordings.

What will certainly not be a surprise is the possibility for us to be hearing new wiretapped conversations also in the future, for the simple reason that no one knows exactly who are all the people that own these materials. Just to remind, for the conversations that leaked in the public in September 2016, and that referred to the DUI political party, it was said that they had been “sold” in Kosovo. It is a public secret that until recently all of them could have also been found in Skopje’s Bit Pazar (outdoor green market).

Not a single party until now has responded on the occasion of the published “bombs”. It remains for us to see what the ultimate goal is of the “anonymous” racketeers.

CIVIL Communication Team


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