Petrovska: The opposition should consider what kind of policy they pursue

The MP from the ranks of SDSM, Slavjanka Petrovska, at the panel discussion of CIVIL, referred to the census that it is still a statistical operation.

The census is defined and is called a statistical operation, which unfortunately in the Republic of North Macedonia did not look like that to some entities. We have been witnessing big campaigns lately. Some of the opposition parties, mostly VMRO-DPMNE wanted to set it as a political goal.

It is true that the law was adopted by summary procedure and with a European flag. The amendments submitted by the opposition were discussed in the cabinet on European issues.

I think that the opposition should consider what kind of policy they pursue. I am happy with the meeting yesterday, not because of the delay, but because the leaders sat down and agreed that there should be constructiveness.

When you have questions like a census, you can not debate from a political point of view. The census cannot wait, we have been waiting for 20 years. As a citizen, I regret that the State Statistical Office has been overshadowed, who really work and love their work. In that political battle, the opposition overshadowed their work. But at the end of the day, he sat down and debated on the subject.

The Commission on Infectious Diseases has drawn up a protocol on how enumerators will conduct the census. For the census to trust the State Statistical Office, and for the pandemic to trust the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

In order to unblock the situation in the Parliament, which is not in anyone’s favor, they agreed to postpone the census.

Data from the diaspora will continue to be updated and will continue until September 30. The census will take place from September 5 to 30.

The census will still be a statistical operation, in which we will all contribute, said Petrovska.

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