CIVIL’s Initiative: A step forward towards a multicultural society

In conditions of instability in the region and an extremely difficult situation for the whole world, CIVIL is intensifying its activities for promotion of multiculturalism and European values in our country. Under the common title “A step forward towards a multicultural society” , CIVIL will continue with its actions with which it will contribute towards respect for diversity, non-discrimination and equality in our society.

The initiative “A step forward towards a multicultural society” includes three major areas of action of the organization in these fields. As previously, in the next period as well, CIVIL will follow, but also give its own contribution to the implementation of the “One Society for All” Strategy and will offer ideas also for the creating of the 2023-2025 Strategy.

Furthermore, the organization will reform all recent and will create many new messages, information and educational content in which citizens, public figures, media, academia and civil society speak of multiculturalism, respect for diversity and non-discrimination in society as fundamental human and European values. Activities also imply research activities, advocating and joint public events with representatives of civil society, academia and institutions at the local and national level.

As always, CIVIL is open for cooperation and calls on all progressive citizens, experts, artists, activists and public figures to give their contribution to this initiative by sharing ideas, experiences and thoughts on these important topics.

CIVIL is implementing the initiative “A step forward towards a multicultural society” with the support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.