CIVIL asks the haters: Did you learn from ISIS or did ISIS learn from you?!

CIVIL publically demands from political parties to stop their propaganda echelons and to tell their supporters and members to stop spreading hatred and public death threats against activists!

The coordination of such attacks on the social networks and in some of the internet media is more than obvious. That attack started during the authoritarian regime of Gruevski, but has been lasting for years after his fall.

It is high time for this hatred to stop, and for those responsible for creating and instigating hatred and violence to face the institutions of justice!

Following the death threats and threats for cutting off heads, CIVIL’s question to the members and supporters of certain, well-known political structures and their leadership is legitimate:

Did you learn from ISIS or did ISIS learn from you?! There is no justification for the hatred you have been creating and encouraging for decades! It is time you are held responsible for your outrage, crime, sowing of hatred and calling for political violence!

CIVIL appeals to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to the MOI to initiate appropriate procedures for finding the networks that are spreading black propaganda through fake news and extreme hate speech.

Today it is one activist of CIVIL, but tomorrow it can be a whole community or an entire country.

Democracy does not mean chaos and self will, for everyone to be threatening everyone else, but primarily means the rule of law and respect for human rights and freedoms. It is high time to put an end to the rampage that certain centers of power in our country are carrying out.

The creators are known, the motives are known, the consequences have been visible for years. It is time to take legal measures!

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