This morning in Tetovo, around 3.30 am, in the old part of the town, on “Goce Delcev” street no. 185, in the dilapidated house of the Zulbeari family, a mother and four children aged 4 to 13 years lost their lives.

From the conversation with the neighbors, the fire most probably started as a result of improper installation and had spread to the two neighboring houses.

The neighbor whose house had also been consumed by the fire had called the Fire Fighting Service. They arrived immediately after the call, but there was no possibility for them to save the mother and the children since the entire house had already been on fire. After extinguishing the fire, they found the bodies of the mother and four children. The father was not at home, he worked as a night watchman.

“We arrived immediately after the call, but it was already too late. The fire had started at around 3.30 am. It is an old part of the town and one that is difficult to reach, but given the terrain we arrived quickly after the call. After extinguishing the fire, we found the victims under the wooden construction of the house and roof. Now we are waiting for the team of Skopje to make an inspection. The bodies of the deceased are still under the ruins of the house”, stated the commander of the firefighting service, Uka Aliti.

Currently, a team from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a medical examiner from the Institute of Forensic Medicine are working on the ground with the police, while access to the house is forbidden.

Pero Naumovski

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