CIVIL with strongest condemnation of the nationalism and violence in the case of the Kocani settlement Trajanovo Trlo

CIVIL most strongly condemns the behaviour of certain political and other structures in the country in the case with the Kocani settlement Trajanovo Trlo, where extreme racism and nationalist raging are noticed. Regardless of the “side” from which the destructive phenomenon is coming from in society and on the political scene, regardless of whether it concerns politically, ethnically or religiously motivated incidents, they cannot and must not be justified and kept silent.

CIVIL calls on the institutions to take urgent and strictest measures for sanctioning the organizers and instigators of the ethnically motivated hatred and violence.

Those who harass children in such a brutal way as we saw in the recording in Kocani, have to be decisively and uncompromisingly sanctioned according to the law. CIVIL welcomes the quick reaction of the institutions that found them and filed criminal charges for the participants in the violence against the child in Kocani. Violence and hate speech never, under any circumstance, are an appropriate response to anything!

Such behaviour, both in the entire country and in the Municipality of Kocani, has to stop immediately! Civil society and the public are called upon to clearly and unequivocally reject and condemn hate speech, discrimination and violence.

At the same time, CIVIL most strongly condemns also the behaviour of the child’s father, who has appeared on the social networks in a video in which, armed, he is threatening that he will take vengeance. Such incidences and threats are extremely unacceptable and prohibited by law. In this case as well, the institutions are called on to sanction such behaviour as soon as possible.

CIVIL calls on the relevant institutions to urgently and appropriately take care of the child victim of the perpetrators.

CIVIL advocates for a society in which freedom, equality and justice rule, a society in which citizens feel safe and have trust in the institutions, where human rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws.

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